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Airshow, Reykjavík Airport 24 May 2008

Icelandair B-757 on airport approach flying low over Reykjavik city and flies over the airport.
Icelandic coastguard Fokker F-27 and the other of two Super Puma hellicopters.
Coastguard Super Puma hellicopters.
Three different Piper J-3 Cubs
Former Icelandair "Flugfélag Íslands" DC-3. Now looked after by the Icelandic DC-3 association and maintained by the modern Icelandair Airline. Thus the livery. This is one of two exisiting DC-3s in Iceland. The other is in parts in hanger at Keflavik airport.
A sports biplane in a race with a sports car on the main runway on Reykjavik airport.
Pitts Special on final approach.
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