In Concert

Photographs from the music scene in Reykjavík, Iceland

Ó Photographs, Sveinbjörn Ólafsson amatuer photographer

Sri Chinmoy´s concert for world peace at Háskólabíó, May 1988. May peace and happiness prevail.

Some years ago, my hobby in Reykjavik was being a rock photographer. This page contains products from my adventures during that era. New chapters will slowly be added, as I find time to complete them.


From abroad:

 Annie Anxiety Bandez. Hotel Island ca. 1988

Annie Anxiety Bandez with Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson in recording studio in Reykjavik. July 1988.

Current 93. Including David Tibet and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson

Current 93 in B/W. Hotel Iceland 1988

Hotel Island ca. 1988

Einstursende Naubauten including Blixa Bargeld

Leo Smith and N´da. Hótel Borg March 1987

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Roxy, October 1986

Pscykic TV Hamrahlid Collage 1983

Uria Heep Hotel Iceland April 1988


The Icelanders:


Bubbi Morthens. Bubbi is one of the great musicians. Hotel Borg February 1987 and December 1987

Bubbi and the Lamas. Hótel Borg December 1989

Björk and Sigtryggur Duett. Casablanca March 1985.

Björgvin Gíslason & Strákarnir. Roxy April 1986.

Ham. Disco on Laugavegur Rd. Ca. 1994.

Kukl. Including Björk, Megas and Sjón. Félagstofnun Stúdenta September 1985

Oxmá. Casablanca March 1985.

Megas. A special person with a long time following. Hotel Borg December 1987 and Laugavegur Rd. June 1991

Theyr Hotel Borg 1981, Leakjartorg 1982 and ? ca. 1984.

Ham. Tunglið Sept. 1989.


Purrkur Pillnik. Einar Örn of Kukl and Sugarcube fame, was formerly a member of the punk band Purrkur Pillnik. Félagstofnun Stúdenta September 1985.

Stuðmenn. A very popular long time band. Hótel Borg August 1985

Sugarcubes. Including Björk. Hard Rock Café 1987

Sugarcubes. Including Björk. Tunglið July 1990.

Sugarcubes Incl. Björk. Tunglið Sept. 1989

Sugarcubes Incl. Björk Casablanca. Ca. 1986.

Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson. Was famouse for having been the leader of Asatru in Iceland (the recently revived ancient Nordic religion of the Viking era). This friendly farmer often recited poetry in an ancient Icelandic tradition, at the beginning of concerts. Roxy, May 1986.

Todmobile. Hotel Borg Jan. 1989.

More rock photos to follow in the future.

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